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Fetch weather from yr.no in a small CLI utility.


You need to have:

  • sbcl
  • quicklisp
  • Dependencies listed in weather.asd


To compile and run the program, run


found inside root folder, then run

./weather -c <city name here>

The city list is absolutely hit and miss - guessing would be easiest. If city name consists of more than one word, put them in quotes like this:

./weather -c "los angeles"


You can run the functions through the repl as normal, or by using the installed cli - see below.


You can see help

./weather -h

You can set an offset of N hours,

./weather -c city -o 3

You can combine offset with range, showing the N next hours

./weather -c city -o 3 -r 3

Or by itself

./weather -c city -r 3

You can get verbose information

./weather -c city -o 3 -v


You can run


found inside the root folder