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Read and write optional-value
3 files changed, 38 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

M src/bare.lisp
M src/package.lisp
M tests/bare-tests.lisp
M src/bare.lisp => src/bare.lisp +11 -1
@@ 142,7 142,17 @@ Set this dynamically in the function calling the DATA defbinary.")
                      (unsigned-byte 8)

(defbinary void
    (value nil :type null))

(defun read-optional-type (type stream)
  (when (read-byte stream)
    (read-binary type stream)))

(defun write-optional-type (object stream)
  (when (plusp (slot-value object 'value))
    (write-byte 1 stream)
    (write-binary object stream))
  (when (zerop (slot-value object 'value))
    (write-byte 0 stream)))

M src/package.lisp => src/package.lisp +2 -1
@@ 20,5 20,6 @@


M tests/bare-tests.lisp => tests/bare-tests.lisp +25 -3
@@ 147,21 147,43 @@
    :result (ok (string= "こんにちは、世界!"))
    :bytes 28))

(deftest read-data
(deftest data-test
  (test-binary-type data
    :stream (buf #(#x03 #x13 #x37 #x42))
    :result (ok #(19 55 66))
    :bytes 4))

(deftest read-data-fixed
(deftest data-fixed-test
  (let ((*data-length* 3))
    (test-binary-type data-fixed
      :stream (buf #(#x13 #x37 #x42))
      :result (ok (equalp #(19 55 66)))
      :bytes 3)))

(deftest read-void
(deftest void-test
  (test-binary-type void
    :stream (buf #(#xff))
    :result (ok (null))
    :bytes 0))

(deftest optional-type-test
  (testing "reading and writing optional type when not set"
         (with-output-to-sequence (out)
            (read-binary 'u8 (buf #()))
      (multiple-value-bind (object) (read-optional-type 'u8 in)
        (with-slots (value) object
          (ok (equalp value 0))))))
  (testing "reading and writing optional type when set"
         (with-output-to-sequence (out)
            (read-binary 'u8 (buf #(#x70)))
      (multiple-value-bind (object) (read-optional-type 'u8 in)
        (with-slots (value) object
          (ok (equalp value 112)))))))