chore: pin package versions
fix: which-key config call
feat: add which key interface

Adds neat key helpers when hitting a key and waiting,
similar to emacs.
chore: fix deprecation treesitter
docs: update README.md and keybinds
add: ivy telescope them, localleader bind
chore: gh issue template, gh actions
fix: lspkind/treesitter breakage

closes ticket #1[1] (issue #27[2] on gh)

[1]: https://todo.sr.ht/~theorytoe/nii-nvim-bugs/1
[2]: https://github.com/Theory-of-Everything/nii-nvim/issues/27
chore: fix artifact in dashboard
chore: grammar in readme
Update to readme + contrib
update: bump plugins, clean docs
[#21] rm: lsp_diagnostics=false from nvimtree

fix deprecation mentioned in #21, #23
chore: clean issue template
update: README.md
update: issue templates
chore: formatting, folds
fix: lsp code additions
fix: plug names, overhaul lsp
rm: lspinstall, switch to user configs

Lspinstall is a pain to get working, so I decided to remove it.