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Mention `C-o' in the `RET' doc string

* lisp/simple.el (newline-and-indent): Mention `C-o' in the doc
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M lisp/simple.el
M lisp/simple.el => lisp/simple.el +4 -1
@@ 836,7 836,10 @@ In programming language modes, this is the same as TAB.
In some text modes, where TAB inserts a tab, this command indents to the
column specified by the function `current-left-margin'.

With ARG, perform this action that many times."
With ARG, perform this action that many times.

Also see `open-line' (bound to \\[open-line]) for a command that
just inserts a newline without doing any indentation."
  (interactive "*p")
  (delete-horizontal-space t)
  (unless arg