A Star Wars quote and GIF retriever for the terminal.
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

I create a version of swq in every language I try, as a sort of benchmark (for HTTP clients and basic syntax). This was the first attempt, in Python 3.

This code was written earlier in my times, and could be done better. Please check out swq-rs for a new, more useful version of this utility.

#swq - The Star Wars Quote (and GIF) searcher and copier

Use your terminal often, and really want to grab that perfect quote or GIF for the situation? swq has you covered! It's easy to use, and quickly adds a GIF or full quote (with or without author) to your clipboard.


  • swq quote --quote=str (fragment of the quote) --author=bool

  • swq gif --quote=str (fragment of the quote or scene)

That's it!


A Tenor API key is required, to get one please go to Tenor API, and add it to your swq file.

Follow instructions in releases.