Download songs from YouTube Music when added to a Spotify playlist, maintaining the structure of your Spotify playlists.
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


#Sync your Spotify playlists locally

Download songs from YouTube Music when added to a Spotify playlist. Keep your music in sync between Spotify and your local collection, and keep your playlist structure intact!


I prefer using free as in freedom software when possible. The problem is, Spotify's discover features are amazing; I have yet to find an equivalent (with the closest being the closed source last.fm) I use Spotify to find new songs and add them to my playlists, but often forget to manually download the songs to update my Subsonic-API based server.

This program serves as a middle man to automate this process. It attempts to do one thing, and do it well, delegating the actual downloading to ytmdl.


The quality of music obtained from ytmdl is... iffy. Sometimes the music is phenomenal and truly sounds like a FLAC, and other times it isn't even the song or some 60 minute loop version.

Please understand that this is not the fault of spotsync! As better methods are found (Patches welcome!), the program will be updated to use them. As of now, get your special FLACs from other specialty sources. spotsync helps you fill up your collection quickly and autonomously, at the cost of some minor accuracy and quality.


SpotSync can either be built on your own, or used via docker (docker is the only officially supported method).

SpotSync requires ytmdl installed on your system, and accessible to the program.

A PR is open to allow for custom outputs, but as of now it is necessary to use my fork of the program at my GitHub (at add-output-argument).

No longer true! The PR was merged into ytmdl unstable, so download the unstable branch of ytmdl in order to use spotsync.

This also means that the custom output feature will soon be in master of ytmdl, and the README will be updated as soon as that is true.


A Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml.example are provided, which will allow you to run spotsync in a docker container. Simply copy the compose file without .example and customise to your needs.



  • docker-compose build to build the image.
  • docker-compose run spotsync sh in order to generate .refresh_token.
  • And then just docker-compose up -d!


The following variables can be customised.

CLIENT_ID 1234567890 Get this from Spotify Dashboard
CLIENT_SECRET 1234567890 Get this from Spotify Dashboard
SONG_DIR /music No trailing slash!
SONG_FORMAT mp3 Options: mp3, m4a, opus
CHECK_EVERY_DAYS 1 Frequency to check playlists. Maximum of 7 days.