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My name is Daniil Rose; I am a Computer Engineering and German student at Penn State University, with a passion for Lisp, Rust, and hardware hacking.


A combination of dwm, dwmblocks, and st for my ultimate GNU/Linux setup.


Vanilla Emacs is fun, but Doom Emacs gets things done.


My Neovim setup, suited to fit my niche needs.


A minesweeper clone written in Rust.


A single place to keep my Emacs configuration instead of being spread across multiple repositories.


All my solutions through the years of advent to code, stored here and mirrored to GitHub @TheCatster.


A unified repository for all of my OS configurations.


A simple Docker image for Fosspay.


Everyone else is making a Wordle clone, so I decided to use Rust and Perseus to make my own.


Visualization for all your Etsy sales


Download songs from YouTube Music when added to a Spotify playlist, maintaining the structure of your Spotify playlists.


[WIP] An 8080 emulator written in C.


[WIP] My solutions to the great "The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition" by Kernighan & Ritchie.


A simple Spotify lyrics finder using Genius, so you stop wasting time googling lyrics for every song


an aesthetic, convenient, and minimal slock build

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