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My name is Daniel/Daniil Rose; I am an Embedded Systems student, with a passion for Lisp, Rust, and Data Science.


The second iteration of my personal site using React.js, while still saying as minimal as possible.


Everyone else is making a Wordle clone, so I decided to use Rust and Perseus to make my own.


Visualization for all your Etsy sales


Vanilla Emacs is fun, but Doom Emacs gets things done.


Download songs from YouTube Music when added to a Spotify playlist, maintaining the structure of your Spotify playlists.


A unified repository for all of my OS configurations.


[WIP] An 8080 emulator written in C.


[WIP] My solutions to the great "The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition" by Kernighan & Ritchie.


A single place to keep my Emacs configuration instead of being spread across multiple repositories.


A combination of dwm, dwmblocks, and st for my ultimate GNU/Linux setup.


All my solutions through the years of advent to code, stored here and mirrored to GitHub @TheCatster.


A simple Spotify lyrics finder using Genius, so you stop wasting time googling lyrics for every song


an aesthetic, convenient, and minimal slock build


Hy rewrite of Ditto, a Discord Bot for Pokemon Raids.


FeStats is a TUI statistics program, covering hypothesis tests, regressions, and probability written in Rust.

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