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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Miniflinks is a program to generate a webpage from a Miniflux feed list and output to stdout.



  • go


Just build using standard the golang toolchain:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~thecashewtrader/miniflinks
cd miniflinks
go build .


Obtain the config file and edit it:

mkdir -p ~/.config/miniflinks
wget https://git.sr.ht/~thecashewtrader/miniflinks/blob/main/config.example.yaml -O ~/.config/miniflinks/config.yaml

Then, simply run miniflinks to sync.


The config file is stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/miniflinks/config.yaml.

  • url: URL of the Miniflux instance.
  • username: Your username.
  • password: Your password.
  • blacklisted_links: A list of strings to check as a prefix. Feeds with URLs matching any of the links will not be included.

Also see config.example.yaml.

Additionally, you can add two more files to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/miniflinks/:

  • full_template.md: A template file written in Go Templates for generating the page. It is provided the Links variable. See the default template.
  • single_template.md: A template file written in Go Templates for generating a single link. It is provided the Title,Link, and Domain variables. See the default template.

#Usage With friends.txt

You can use Miniflinks to generate a friends.txt file using the full_template.friends.md and single_template.friends.md templates.