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fix install instructions in README.md
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


go-vid is a small script to help host videos on a Hugo website.


wget https://git.sr.ht/~thecashewtrader/go-vid/blob/main/go-vid.sh -O ~/.local/bin/go-vid
chmod +x ~/.local/bin/go-vid


#Directory Structure

go-vid expects this kind of directory structure:

├── archetypes
├── assets
├── content
├── data
├── i18n
├── layouts
├── go-vid
├── public
├── static
└── themes

This is the standard Hugo directory structure, with an extra go-vid folder.

You can edit this structure in the script.

#Hugo Configuration

To enable go-vid to function properly, you should add this bit of configuration to hugo.toml:

	unsafe = true

  suffixes = ["atom"]

  name = "ATOM"
  mediaType = "application/atom+xml"
  baseName = "feed"
  rel = "alternate"
  isPlainText = false
  isHTML = false
  permalinkable = false

  home = ["HTML", "ATOM"]
  section = ["HTML", "ATOM"]
  taxonomy = ["HTML", "ATOM"]
  term = ["HTML", "ATOM"]


#Create A Video

Run go-vid create, enter the title, and pick the video file. You will be presented with a markdown file, where you can add the description.

#Transode Videos

Run go-vid transcode. This goes through all videos on go-vid/ and if they are not already transcoded, transcodes them. Also generates .torrent files for newly transcoded videos. If you want a video to be re-transcoded, simply delete the relevant file from static/videos/.

The resolutions to transcode to can be changed by editing the script. By default, lf is used as a video file picker. You can edit this in the script's get_video function.

#Export Videos

Run go-vid export. This generates Hugo compatible markdown files in content/videos/.


  • slugify
  • jq
  • yq
  • lf (Another file picker can be configured)
  • ffmpeg
  • mktorrent