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# Introduction

This is a submission for the [CodeBattles October Challenge](https://codebattles.dev/event/dce4b8cd-b48d-4511-b4d6-b0058c179944/).

Link: [https://codebattles-october-backend.rehantdapehdar.xyz](https://codebattles-october-backend.rehantdapehdar.xyz)

# Notes For Judges

- In the [sample API](https://cados.up.railway.app), not all advocates have a `twitter` field. The data used in this API replaces `NULL` with a link to [Dennis' Twitter](https://twitter.com/dennisivy11).
- The `prev_page` and `next_page` keys in the [sample API](https://cados.up.railway.app) seem to show undefined behavior and always seemed to be `false`. That has been replicated.
- The [sample API](https://cados.up.railway.app) has `companies` and `follower_count` keys, but the [Challenge Description](https://codebattles.dev/event/dce4b8cd-b48d-4511-b4d6-b0058c179944/) doesn't contain them. Thus, they have been omitted.