Formatting controlling wrapper for byte slices



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Library providing a transparent wrapper type for controlling [Debug] and [Display] behavior for potentially sensitive collections of bytes, including completely redacting them.

This library is intended to aid in controlling how sensitive types, such as cryptographic types, appear in logs, including being able to redact them entirely to prevent leaking sensitive information through debug output. However, it is more generally useful, and can also be used simply to force byte arrays to render as hex or the like in debug output.


#Completely redact contents

use redacted::FullyRedacted;

let item = FullyRedacted::new(vec![0_u8; 32]);
let output = format!("{:?}", item);

assert_eq!(output, "[32 BYTES REDACTED]");

#Render contents as hex

use redacted::{Redacted, formatter::FullHex};

let item: Redacted<_, FullHex> = Redacted::new(vec![0_u8; 8]);
let output = format!("{:?}", item);

assert_eq!(output, "0x0000000000000000");

#Render contents as a truncated hex string

use redacted::{Redacted, formatter::TruncHex};

let item: Redacted<_, TruncHex<8>> = Redacted::new(vec![0_u8; 32]);
let output = format!("{:?}", item);

assert_eq!(output, "0x00000000...(32 bytes)");