An ACPI-based battery status monitor for X
091b18cd — Thalia Wright 3 months ago
Updated readme, cleaned up xbattery.c, fixed Makefile
62ffb077 — Thalia Wright 3 months ago
Removed vestigial Xevent code and display() arguments
1607a5d9 — Thalia Wright 3 months ago
Mostly fixed window resize and CPU use problems


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#Xbattery for Linux

A basic X battery charge monitor for ACPI systems, akin to Xclock or Xload.

This project was inspired by julienxx's XBattery, only with support for modern Linux (ACPI instead of APM). Most of the X code in display() and init_x(), as well as color_for_percent() was heavily adapted or outright copy-pasted from the original project.


Install Noto font to display emoji icons.

Build with make. Run make install as root to copy the binary to /usr/local/bin.

#Known Bugs

  • The window is white for a few seconds after startup.
  • The text takes a 1-10 seconds to change when plugging/unplugging the AC adaptor


  • Add support for custom colors using Xresources.
  • Adjust size and position using command line flags.
  • Add support for multi-battery systems.
  • Add an APM backend.
  • Add a man page