Updated README
We're passing 0001 - 0006 in the torture test

0000 and 0007 fail because we can't resolve relative links in the
current directory yet
Added support for user input with selector 7
Cleaned up URL processing
We were printing the wrong variables in print_debug()
Renamed path variable
Added readme todos
Improved handling of different sorts of gemini URLs

I should probably decompose the gemini:// -> tannhauser.dcgi? stuff in
a separate function
Handle naked gemini links, we need newlines :facepalm:
Handle naked gemini links and assume gemini for unspecified ones
Use printf properly
Renamed cgi variables
Fixed Gopher link handling
Fixed HTTP(S) link formatting
Include path variable in debuggin
Replace buggy gopher link handling with temporary placeholder
Renamed variables to shorten ncat line
Account for host:port URIs; some servers want \r\n\r\n instead or \r\n