(WIP) A Gemini frontend in Gopherspace
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Filled out README, mostly completed scripts
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#The Tannhauser Gate

A somewhat functional gopher script to allow content in geminispace to be accessed from any gopher browser.

This site isn't live yet


Since M$ Github doesn't hyperlink gopher urls, here's a floodgap link


  • nmap, for ncat
  • geomyidae


  • Geomyidae only sets search for selector 7. This is really bad, as it means that the "astrogation" functionality that is this program's raison d'etre is impossible. I'll look into different servers (Gophernicus, etc) and the Gopher spec (RFC 1436) to see if there's a way around it. If not I'll probably have to shove this script into a minimal Gopher server.
  • printf | ncat doesn't work with gus.guru. The server doesn't return anything and the program dies with $status, which should be something like 20 text/gemini, unset. I think printf | ncat doesn't properly adhere to the Gemini spec.
  • Content-type handler is screwy. The case statement always defaults, even when the content-type is text/gemini, except with the "astrogate" functionality . See the comment for more info.
  • Broken hyperlink-generator. gmi2gph.awk produces broken gopher and http(s) hyperlinks, learn more about AWK and fix them.


  • Figure out a portable way to removing nmap as a dependency.
  • Investigate making this script server-agnostic.
  • We might have to URL-encode the query URL. Should be easy with AWK.
  • gmi2gph.awk needs to know the query url to build hyperlinks, figure out how to pass it from tannhauser.dcgi.
  • Decide what to do about gemini hyperlinks with unspecified protocols