A PoC Gemini proxy in Gopherspace
Updated README
We're passing 0001 - 0006 in the torture test
Added support for user input with selector 7


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#The Tannhauser Gate

A proof-of-concept script to allow content in geminispace to be accessed from any gopher browser.

This site isn't live yet


M$ Github doesn't hyperlink gopher urls, so here's a floodgap link


  • nmap, for ncat
  • geomyidae

#Known Bugs

  • Content-type handler is screwy. The case statement always defaults, even when the content-type is text/gemini.
  • Path and URL handling parsing is brittle. The parsing logic in tannhauser.dcgi and the creation logic in gmi2gph.awk work about 90% of the time, but fail for relative links in the current directory and links to parent directories.


  • We don't support any kind of Gemini user input yet.
  • Pass the torture test.
  • Figure out a portable way to removing nmap as a dependency.
  • Make this script server-agnostic.
  • Wrap lines at 72 columns.
  • Make sure there aren't any code-injection vulnerabilities (^_^;).