A networked in-memory cache written for CSCI 389 at Reed College
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A networked in-memory cache written with Boost.Beast in C++ for CSCI 389 (Computer Systems) at Reed College.

The architecture is approximated by the following diagram:

design diagram


Install the dependencies:

  • The Boost library. This should include beast, the http library we're using here. On Arch: pacman -S boost.
  • The Catch2 framework. On Arch: pacman -S catch2. You can also download the amalgamated header and include it manually. See the tutorial for details.

Run make to build everything. You should see 3 executables:

  • cache_server is the cache itself. Run with -h to see the options. By default it listens on localhost:42069 and has a maximum allowable cache size of about 64K. The -t option to specify the number of threads won't do anything as we never got it working reliably.
  • test_cache_client is a cache client that tests a running server using the Catch framework.
  • test_cache_store is only tests the cache library defined in cache_store.cc and cache.hh it also makes use of the Catch framework.

The architecture diagram makes reference to a test_evictors executable and lru_evictor header and source files, however we didn't end up writing those. The only eviction policy currently implemented is a FIFO evictor.

#Run the Test

To test the server; in one terminal run ./cache_server, and in another run ./test_cache_client.

To test the cache library itself, just run ./test_cache_store.

Both test should print, in green: All tests passed. If not then you're either doing something wrong or Boost is being a pita again and I feel your pain.