An archiving tool for Audible audiobook libraries
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#audible-dl: An archiver for your Audible library

Audible-dl is functional per the documentation but there are still improvements to be made and kinks to be ironed out.

Audible-dl is an archiving tool that keeps an up-to-date, offline, archive of the audiobooks you've purchased with Audible as DRM-free, metadata rich, m4b files.


Audible-dl depends on ffmpeg, and the Go programming language. You should be able to build it for any OS supported by the Go compiler, however I've only tested it on Arch GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. Build it with make and install or uninstall it by running make install or make uninstall as root.


See the man page man 1 audible-dl for usage details, or check out the markdown version.

#Bugs, Help, and Contributions

Please report bugs, request help, and contribute patches by emailing ~thalia/audible-dl@lists.sr.ht.


  • General code cleanup.
  • Implement asynchronous downloading.
  • Add some config options, primarily to give the user control over how the final files are named.
  • Fix "403 forbidden" error when downloading some books.
  • Account.ScrapeLibraryUntil()'s functionality isn't really being used; add a flag and config option to take advantage of it in order to reduce the time spent scraping the user's library.
  • Figure out a way of automatically finding activations bytes, maybe by integrating with the Rainbow Tables plugin.
  • When importing cookies, if there are multiple accounts in the config file and only one with scrape: true (or without scrape: false), default to that instead of returning an error.