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This keyboard is my first attempt at using Ergogen, and my first custom keyboard, so it will likely be rough around the edges. I predict there will be future keyboards listed here which refine the ideas implemented in this board.

### Pseudacris

[Source Files](https://git.sr.ht/~tgrosinger/keyboards/tree/main/item/pseudacris)

A 34-key single-board keyboard created with [Ergogen](https://ergogen.xyz). Powered by an integrated MCU, derived directly from the [nRFMicro](https://github.com/joric/nrfmicro/).

This keyboard is almost identical to Chrysemys, but switches to normal Choc switches, adds hotswap, and moves the switches closer together.

### Future Keyboards

I'd like to eventually work towards putting the MCU directly on the keyboard PCB. It however does not seem wise to do this until I have a functional keyboard under my belt.
Eventually I would like to build a keyboard which has an integrated trackpoint, trackpad, or trackball. It will likely be based on Pseudacris.

## License

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@@ 10,3 10,9 @@ This keyboard is materially extremely similar to Chrysemys, with the intention t
- Use hotswap sockets for the switches.
- Move the switches closer together, so there is less of a gap between key caps.
- Use an integrated MCU, based on the nRFMicro rather than a nice!nano.

## Building Firmware

The firmware for this keyboard can be found on my [ZMK fork](https://github.com/tgrosinger/zmk/tree/tgrosinger-keyboards/app/boards/arm/pseudacris). Instructions for building can be found in the readme in that directory.

If you would like to build your own key layout for this keyboard, follow the instruction for [Building from `zmk-config` folder](https://zmk.dev/docs/development/build-flash#building-from-zmk-config-folder).