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Full brightway25 and improved EcoInvent support
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Support for brightway2 and 2.5, fix _cleanup
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Import from a bw2 database or .bw2package file



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#pyLCA: simple LCA processes with Brightway

WARNING: this software is in alpha, code make break or change without notice, do not use in production!


pip install pyLCA @ git+https://git.sr.ht/~tfardet/pyLCA

#Main classes

  • Compound to make basic compounds
  • MetaCompounds to wrap various varieties of a Compound depending on its location or area of impact (water, air...)
  • Activity to model various production processes to produce a Compound

See test files for examples.


You can use pyLCA.set_config to set the name of your main technosphere database.

E.g. for ecoinvent, if you named it "ei39", you can do:

import pyLCA

pyLCA.set_config("technosphere_database", "ecoinvent")
pyLCA.set_config("ecoinvent", "ei39")
pyLCA.save_config()  # that way you won't need to reconfigure it anymore