A simple sphinx theme with automatic light and dark modes
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#Light'n dark Sphinx theme

This repository contains the source code of my own minimalistic Sphinx theme, forked from Pietro Albini's and released under the MIT license. Feel free to include it in your projects.

#How to use the theme in your projects

The package itself provides an utility function to get the absolute path of the theme's directory. So, you can put this simple snippet in your documentation's conf.py

import lightndark_sphinx_theme
html_theme_path = [lightndark_sphinx_theme.themes_path()]

html_theme = "lightndark"

You don't need to provide a Pygments style, because the whole highlightling thing is handled by the theme itself.

#Customizing the theme

It's recommended to customize the theme when you use it, because even changing the titles' font and links' color will give to your documentation an unique feel.

The easiest way to customize it is to create a theme which inherits from the main one, and changing the options::

inherit = lightndark

accent_color = #004dc2
night_accent_color = #5c9dff

titles_font = Courier

Then you can put in your stylesheet other customizations you want to apply, and the code to import the font you want to use for the titles.

#Available theme options

Here there is a list of all the available theme options:

  • accent_color: the main color used by the theme, for links and keywords in the code boxes
  • night_accent_color: the same as accent_color, but used in the night (dark) mode
  • titles_font: name of the font used in titles and headings