Use AHCT for French tourist nights
Improved `get_world_region`
Improved buildings and population support

Breaking changes:

* "building:levels" is now "building_level" in functions from the
  `topography` module
* `population_to_residential` was renamed `population_to_buildings` and
  now supports all building/pop types in "residential", "working", and

Other changes:

* Improved support of the BD Topo for French buildings
* Improved OSM building separation between residential and work
* Computation of "residential_levels" and "working_levels" from
* These levels are then use to distribute the resident/working
  population in the buildings
* Improved reading from osm.pbd files
Fix landuse with missing elements in area
Add topography module and country information

* topography module
  - get (urban) land use
  - get buildings
  - moved parcels into it
* add country into the ``attrs`` attribute
* improve some OSM functions and add ``get_all_buildings``
* switch to ``GeoSeries.from_wkt``
* improve French admin
* return geodataframes in the same CRS as `area` argument
* add _has_feature to countries to avoid the try/except
* add submodule for geoapi functions
Fix issue with Paris + IGN support
Fixed French flows for admin1 + Paris/Lyon/Marseille
Fix assert in French population
Fix FRA import without pynsee
Change population dataframe + bugfixes

- Population dataframe now has rows for residents, workforce, students, retirees and tourists
- Fix assert for resident population
- Fix tourist files check
Simplify + improve computation of French pop
Fix tourism, IGN data, and autodetect modules

* fix French admin download from IGN
* better handling of French tourism
* pyproject.toml includes py.typed and detects modules
Correct French exceptions, fix tourist nights
Handle tourism for France
Workaround for rich.live progress
Readme update
Move to parquet for faster computation of populations
France level 4 and 5 data from INSEE
Add pyarrow as requirement