Code for the eLIF and mAdExp neuronal models
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#Energy-based models (eLIF and mAdExp)


This repository contains implementations of the eLIF and mAdExp models for BRIAN, NEST, and NEURON.

#Installing the models


Just install the BRIAN simulator via pip:

pip install --user brian2


  • Install NEST (see here)
  • Install NESTML using pip install nestml (this code requires NESTML >= 4).
  • Then run python nestml/nestml_install.py to install the models.
  • See the FAQ if you encouter any issue.


  • Download and install NEURON (see here)
  • Compile the models via nrnivmodl elif.mod and nrnivmodl madexp.mod

#Running the models

Once the installation of one of the simulators is done, you can run the corresponding files:

  • elif_brian_impl.py or madexp_brian_impl.py for BRIAN
  • elif_nest_impl.py or madexp_nest_impl.py for NEST
  • elif_neuron_impl.py or madexp_neuron_impl.py for NEURON

To do this, you can call them with python using e.g. python elif_brian_impl.py.