A basic static site generator
Only wrap html files if they don't contain a <html> tag
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Stamp is a basic static site generator.


go build


Stamp will technically work with no configuration, although it will be a rather no frills experience.

You will probably want to provide a _head.html, _header.html and _footer.html file. These files will be injected into every page.

You will then need to create a source folder that will contain the content of the site. This directory will be walked and files copied to the given destination folder, with certain filetypes (based on file extension) being converted in the process.

For an example site, see https://git.sr.ht/~ter0/ter0.net

./stamp src dst

Currently, the following conversion types takes place:

Type Extensions Description
markdown .md, .mdown, .markdown passed through blackfriday, then wrapped in HTML
html .htm, .html wrapped in HTML if there is no <html> tag