Vim plugin to facilitate adding and removing macrons from vowels
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#macrons: a {neo,}vim plugin for adding and deleting macrons


A set of utility functions and mappings to make it easier to add or remove macrons from vowels.


[range]Demacronize	" Remove macrons from a range of lines
[range]Macronize	" Add macrons to a range of lines

Both functions accept an optional range. If no range is given, they default to the entire file. This makes it simple to remove the macrons from a whole file quickly.


Three maps are available, one for normal mode and two for visual mode. Add whatever key mappings you prefer to ~/.vimrc or ~/.config/nvim/init.vim file. For example,

" In normal mode, flip the macron on a single vowel.
" That is, if the vowel has a macron, remove it, and if it doesn’t
" have a macron, add one.
map <silent> <leader>mf <Plug>CharMacronFlip

" Place macrons on all the vowels in a visual selection.
map <silent> <leader>mo <Plug>MacronsOn

" Remove all the  macrons from a visual selection.
map <silent> <leader>nm <Plug>MacronsOff

All the mappings can be repeated with . if you have Tim Pope’s excellent vim-repeat installed. You should really install that if you don’t have it already. (Did I mention that it’s excellent?)


The easiest way to install is with vim-pathogen. Install that first, and then simply do the following:

cd ~/.vim/bundle	" or cd ~/.config/nvim/bundle
git clone https://bitbucket.org/telemachus/vim-macrons


Only the macrons on vowels are added, removed, or flipped. This is by design, but maybe that’s a mistake. Let me know if you think so.


See LICENSE.md for details, but in a nutshell BSD 3-clause.