Vim plugin to facilitate adding bib entries to LaTeX files
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This plugin provides autocompletion of citations from .bib files while working in TeX or LaTeX documents.

The original code comes from Karl Yngve Lervåg’s vimtex, which is a much fuller and more mature plugin. You should seriously consider using that instead. Another plugin, Guillem Ballesteros’s vim-autocite, gave me the idea to pull out this one feature of vimtex. I’ve adapted, or flat out copied, most of this plugin from their prior efforts. Anything that works is to their credit; anything that doesn’t work is my fault.

#Pathogen Installation

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
# Or if you use neovim
# cd ~/.config/nvim/bundle
$ git clone https://github.com/telemachus/vim-bibcite.git


vim-bibcite autocompletes using any .bib files found in the same directory as the file the user is editing. Simply start typing a citation and enter Control-X Control-O to trigger a list of possible completions. (See help i_CTRL-X_CTRL-O for more details about how to browse the list of possible completions.)

That’s it. No configuration is needed or possible. (See below for limitations.)


  • The user can’t manually tell vim-bibcite where to find .bib files.
  • If .bib files are not in the exact same directory as the file the user is editing, vim-bibcite won’t find them.


vim-bibcite requires bibtex. If bibtex isn’t installed, the plugin won’t do anything.

#Contributions, Requests, or Suggestions

If you have any suggestions or requests, please email me (peter@aronoff.org) or contact me on Twitter (@telemachus).