chore: set textwidth=72 in mail.vim
fix: remove unnecessary quotes in tex.snippets
chore: update tex snippets and add bib snippets
feat: add snippets for LaTeX
chore(functions): I no longer need LineToClipboard
Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/main'
chore(nvim): delete Vimscript mappings
feat(Grep): add a Grep user command from romainl
chore(markdown): clean up markdown file

+ Add clarifying comment about `cpo+=J`.
+ Remove `setlocal lazyredraw`.
chore(autocommands): remove vimscript autocommands
chore(golangci): use curly quotes and final quote
chore(compiler/golangci): explain errorformat
feat(go): add simple linting with golangci-lint
Remove my Lint autocommand
fix: improve fenced code snippet for markdown

I want to be able to jump out of a fenced code block using <Tab>.  If
I put $0 at the end of the block, I get what I want.
chore(scheme): comment out all scheme settings
feat: add more precise textobjects for functions
chore(scheme): remove racket indentation
feat: dotfiles specifically for neovim