Greek to English vocabulary for Plato’s Meno
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#Vocabulary for Plato’s Meno

#What’s here?

The LaTeX source files and for a complete vocabulary of Plato’s Meno.

The vocabulary covers every word in the Meno, no matter how basic. But to help students focus their efforts, especially common or important words have an asterisk at the start of the entry. (Common words are based on the excellent Dickinson College Commentaries Greek core list. For more details, see the introduction to the vocabulary itself.)

#How did you make this?

Time. A lot of time.

Somewhat more seriously, I derived the original list of words in the Meno from the Perseus Digital Library. I then used Hodoi Elektronikai and the OCT of Plato to double check references. For meanings, principal parts, and forms in general, I used A Greek-English Lexicon and An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon by Liddell and Scott, and The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek by Franco Montanari. (For full bibliographical details, please see the file vocabulary.bib.)

#Can I use this? Can I change it?

The work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. In a nutshell, you’re free to use and adapt this, even for commercial products, provided that you attribute my work and share in turn with others. Please see the CC-BY-SA.txt file or the same license online for legal details.

#Can I help out?

Thanks: I’d love that. In particular, if you find mistakes or want to improve what I have here in any way, please email me (peter@aronoff.org) or contact me on Twitter (@telemachus).