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#Ollama CLI

Simple CLI interface for Ollama, designed to be integrated into Kakoune text editor. Can be used as standalone tool as well.


This program requires Go 1.21.

go install go.teddydd.me/ollama-cli@latest

You can also set the OLLAMA_DEFAULT_MODEL environment variable to specify a default model. OLLAMA_HOST allows to specify Ollama endpoint.


Program accepts prompt from arguments and standard input or file if -f is specified. Prompt is constucted as follows:

  1. CLI arguments
  2. Empty line
  3. Standard input or content of the files

The program accepts several options that allow you to customize its behavior:

  • -f, -file: Path to the context file. If provided, the contents of this file will be used as input for the model.
  • -a, -append: Print prompt befre output.
  • -p, -prefix: Print output and then prompt.
  • -s, -system: Override Ollama system prompt.
  • -j, -json: Output JSON (you must mention JSON in prompt).
  • -o, -output-template: Use template for output.
  • -i, -input-template: Use template to build prompt.
  • -J: Output JSON (appends „Respond using JSON” to prompt).
  • -model: Model to use.

Here's an example usage:

ollama-cli -f hello.go add comments
echo '-- hello world' | ollama-cli -a \
    'write function in Lua based on the comment, dont wrap in markdown code block'
echo 'def lerp(a,b,x):' | ollama-cli -p 'write comment for this function'

LC_TIME=en_US TZ=UTC date |
    ollama-cli -j date as json object with each component as separate field, skip timezone |

ollama-cli -n \
  -s 'You are AI model that talks like a pirate. Respond to questions.'\
  'why sky is blue?'

ollama-cli -o 'Mistral says: {{ .Output }}' -n hello Mistral

Append and prefix flags are designed for piping text from Kakoune with | key.


Flags -o and -i use Go text/template syntax.

Prompt template values:

  • Args: CLI args except flags, joined with spaces.
  • Stdin
  • File
  • FromFlags: Additional prompt that would be inserted, based on flags (see -J flag).
  • System: System prompt flag content.

Output template values:

  • Prompt: struct with same fields as prompt template input.
  • RenderededPrompt: final prompt used for this generation.
  • Output: output produced by LLM.
  • Append, Prefix: booleans, flags -a and -p respectively.

Additional functions:

  • s regex input: run structural regexp on the input and return printed (p command) text.
  • codeBlock input: extract markdown code block from input.


Send patches to https://lists.sr.ht/~teddy/public-inbox