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#Tech Pizza Mondays

#Public Homepage

#Static site generation and sr.ht pages hosting

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This repo will hold the code for standing up the same site three times at:

  • mondays.pizza
  • techpizzamondays.org
  • techpizzamondays.eth

Having a website is important for building legitimacy and public trust.

"Tech Pizza Mondays" is a trademark that has to be protected for this group to be financially sustainable in working with sponsors. All code should be fine to be AGPLv3 or Apache 2.0. All writing and pictures and other assets are copyrighted and all rights reserved for now. In the future, an appropriate Creative Commons CC license will be chosen. There will have to be a Code of Conduct and other policies and documents, but prioritizing existence first seems reasonable. A constitution or manifesto will also be published.

Let's not lose sight of the real thing here: eating pizza, talking tech, making friends.

With <3, Ryan