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a3c24536Phil Hagelberg Bump to Fennel 0.9.1; fix some bugs. 5 months ago


  • [X] randomize angry "took my X" line

  • [X] octo pauses when he tells you to do the repl stuff

  • [X] fix dialog for when you grant anya diamond before getting octo.fnl

  • [X] redo endgame scene

  • [ ] more pre-endgame lord moredire dialog

  • [ ] jek has an actual task he needs you to help with before granting diamond?

  • [ ] add hints that you can edit other files

  • [X] blue/white color theme?

  • [X] bind repl to backtick



  • [X] fullscreen bug
  • [X] m-x in play mode crashes
  • [X] fix teleport bug
  • [X] point rect in editor is not at the right width
  • [X] render all characters underneath tree layer
  • [X] two characters shouldn't be able to occupy the same POI at the same time