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You start the game running around from one fire to another trying to stop ragequits. (Can we script them so literally one crisis happens as soon as the previous one stops?) Anya comes down and starts to give you a hand, by working together you're able to make it go better.

you wander around fixing more bugs and getting yelled at.

Anya complains about how it's not fair you have to fix all this stuff. She gets upset that they haven't provided you with adequate training and tells you to go talk to Jek about the scripting mode.

Jek doesn't want to tell you about it, but after you help him out with a particularly nasty problem, he opens up. He's not supposed to do this, but he grants you Diamond Platinum status so the scripting interface can be used. At this point you are allowed to use the repl and edit the files in the interface. Jek is to worried about management disapproving to do anything else. But octo has the actual script they can send you to get things really going.

Talking to octo is different; at first they just won't stop ranting about how broken everything is. They're going on about how why bother even trying to fix things. But once you start to ask them questions about the scripting, they slowly get really into it and excited about the tools they built. You ask for details, and then they're like "ah, let me just show you" and they send you the script. Once you have it, you can visualize all the problems directly in the main interface without needing to drill down thru the menus, and it becomes a lot easier to fix the problems. You mention an offhand comment and it spooks octo; they ask about how you got access to Diamond Platinum in the first place.

Each team mate ends up helping you in some way, but even when you're all working together, it's not enough; the bugs just pile up and the ragequits increase.

You have two demands:

  • scripting interface for all team members
  • actually fix bugs

You go back to talk to Anya and start to talk about how if you work together, you could force them to change things and improve conditions for you and the other workers.

With her support, you are able to convince Jek to join in. Once he is on board, seeing the three of you united convinces Octo that it's worth a shot. Octo reaches out to his network of other workers across several other realms to gather even more supp.rt

And then you band together with all your friends and present your demands to Lord Mordire. With all four of you together, plus many in the other realms, Lord Mordire starts to panic. He allows negotiations to proceed, and you form a union with Anya as the leader.


  • power of working together
  • management doesn't care about
    • training
    • mental wellbeing of employees
    • quality of software