don't crash when we get a weird path
start pathing to the second point immediately
first draft of AI: walking around randomly
fix bad syntax in util.fnl; add floor-points
move state.scale to state.viewport.scale

this way we can pass the "viewport" table around to functions that
need to scale and transform pixels based on the view without passing
around the entire state
rename sandbox/init.fnl to sandbox/start.fnl
use state.viewport

fix statement setting viewport
add a second test path
center path in tile when drawing it
first stab at pathfinding
Add outer repl on stdio for debugging engine-level code.
Allow editor to save sandboxed files to the local repository.

Without this, the files get saved into ~/.local/share/love/TQIV where
they will get used when loaded, but they won't get committed to git.
Add rudimentary inspect mode.

Also stop using properties to pass state from one mode to another;
make the activate function propagate args.