ref: ae1697333453e441ac38ed7d32445556f44b72cc tremendous-quest-iv/world.fnl -rw-r--r-- 11.4 KiB
Avoid "stacking" by claiming POI and only targeting unclaimed points.
Disable seek-player AI task.

It doesn't do anything interesting.
Rearrange map layers.
Fix octo.fnl for state global change.
Ensure player never randomly starts with diamond.
Redo ending credits.
remove the right quad when assigning a fake player quad
Some dialog tweaks.
Move certain map tiles to "top" layer you can walk behind.
Delay ragequit warning dialog if it happens while talking.
Revert "fuzz last path position to prevent stacking"

This reverts commit 1fccd6ba577a36f528793430bdaed13bd141be44.
fuzz last path position to prevent stacking
Allow giving anya diamond platinum status.
add newlines to error message
make player sprites unique and add more sprites
Adjust warning message.
Reset convo to prev convo after remove-item/grant-diamond.