d55ff0ad828cf954ea1b818e533edb214f4defb5 — Phil Hagelberg 1 year, 1 month ago ae16973
Allow (wget :octo) without extension.
2 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M teammates.fnl
M world.fnl
M teammates.fnl => teammates.fnl +2 -2
@@ 215,7 215,7 @@
(fn anya-diamond-continue [c]
  (interject c player
             "octo showed me a cool trick!"
             "(wget :octo.fnl) (require :octo)"
             "(wget :octo) (require :octo)"
             "then hold alt to see players that you"
             "need to go help.")
  (say c "oh, wow. this is really useful!"

@@ 383,7 383,7 @@ virtually..."])))))
       "stuff, but the cool thing is you"
       "can share your code with others.")
  (say c "check this out; go to the console"
       "and type (wget :octo.fnl)"
       "and type (wget :octo)"
       "(you need to type the parentheses)")
  (set octo.ai.task {:name :pause :timer 12})
  ;; the wget function will take us to the next convo

M world.fnl => world.fnl +1 -1
@@ 203,7 203,7 @@
                (set char.convo old-convo)))
  (fn env.wget [path]
    (assert (= path "octo.fnl") "404 NOT FOUND")
    (assert (or (= path "octo.fnl") (= path "octo")) "404 NOT FOUND")
    (fs.write path (love.filesystem.read path))
    (editor.print "Success: octo.fnl saved.")
    (let [octo (lume.match state.characters #(= :octo $.name))]