Spring 2020 Lisp Game Jam entry
Upgrade to Fennel 1.0.0 final pre
Bump to Fennel 0.9.1; fix some bugs.


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#Tremendous Quest IV

You work in the QA department for Digital Craftmakers, the creators of the megahit MMORPG Tremendous Quest IV.

Your job is to go around cleaning up after bugs that various players run into. If you get too many angry players, then you get put on probation and could lose your job!

Your co-workers have developed a script which makes it much easier for you to do your job! The problem is that enabling scripting is only allowed for Diamond Platinum Customers, not for QA workers. Management frowns on this! But as part of your job, you can grant Diamond Platinum status to anyone, including your teammates.

If you want to keep your job, you need to organize with your fellow co-workers! Only by showing a united front can you stand together and get what you need.


From source, install LÖVE version 11.x and run make.

Prebuilt downloads for Linux x86_64, Mac, and Windows are at itch.

  • arrows to move
  • space/enter to interact
  • ctrl-m to toggle mute
  • tab to show debug view
  • ctrl-pageup for repl

#Credits (code)

  • LuaJIT Copyright © 2005-2020 Mike Pall & contributors, distributed under the MIT/X11 License
  • LÖVE Copyright © 2006-2018 LOVE Development Team, distributed under the zlib license
  • Fennel Copyright © 2016-20 Calvin Rose and contributors, distributed under the MIT/X11 License
  • lume Copyright © 2015-2018 rxi, distributed under the MIT/X11 License
  • bump.lua Copyright © 2012-2018 Enrique García Cota, distributed under the MIT/X11 License
  • Simple Tiled Implementation Copyright © 2014-2018 Landon Manning, distributed under the MIT/X11 License
  • Jumper Copyright © 2012-2013 Roland Yonaba, distributed under the MIT/X11 License
  • utf8.lua Copyright © 2006-2007, Kyle Smith, distributed under the MIT/X11 License

#Credits (art and assets)


Copyright © 2020 Phil Hagelberg and Benaiah Mischenko

Code distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later; see file license.txt; art and music using Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0; see cc-license.txt.