lisp game jam autumn 2020
Add ability and subapp host types.
Infra can be passed thru in subnet.
Mission bounds for 4; bump old 4 up to 5.


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#Spilljackers: Return of the Modem

Lisp Game Jam (Autumn 2020) entry.


You are part of a loose-knit hacker collective that focuses on infiltrating corporate data centers and exposing evidence of crimes and misbehavior.

On the first mission your partner gets captured. You abort the mission because they knew you were coming. After you escape, you plan revenge.


You explore networks in a first-person 3D cyberspace interface.

Use Z to interact with things. A will open a menu.

The network is crawling with security software that will try to stop you. When it encounters you, the game switches to "battle" mode where you have to dodge a certain number of attacks, a la Undertale.

Instead of HP, you have a trace running against your connection. When you get hit in battle mode, the trace makes progress towards identifying your location. When the trace completes, the megacorp can find you, and it's game over.

During battle, each enemy has a log that shows what attacks they will perform next. Normally you can't read this, but you can find an item that lets you decrypt them.

In the network, you can unlock firewalls by picking up certain credentials from various places. Depending on the mission you may have to target a database to obtain some data before heading to an I/O tower to exit the system.

At some point you can unlock the "subnet" which causes the entire screen to rotate upside down, and all the drawing is reversed.

#Host types

Hosts are represented as towers of colored light in grid space.

You can interact with various hosts types:

  1. databases: can contain mission objective files to steal
  2. application servers: no gameplay purpose other than to take up space
  3. account servers: can grant you credentials to pass thru
  4. file servers: can give you powerups for battle mode
  5. firewall: prevents traversal until credentials are obtained
  6. I/O towers: entry/exit points for the level

Each host (contiguous block of same-tiled squares) should have an IP address which can be shown in the HUD. (generated using a checksum of position?) Mission briefing can identify hosts by their IP?


In the sprite sheet BG layer, columns 1 thru 8 are used for host tiles. The X position indicates the type/color of the position, and the Y position indicates the height of the node.


  • attack log decrypt key
  • trace disruptor (HP boost)
  • escape
  • speed boost
  • password brute-force algorithm


  • Digital Craftmakers (creators of Tremendous Quest IV)
  • Encom
  • Ellingson Mineral Company

The final level consists of several networks that you can jump between.