Remove CI; love2d appimage doesn't work on the CI images.
Fix CI config.
Update fennelview to support metamethods.
Add support for under-draw property.

Also fix over-draw when minibuffer is active.
Fix command to remove splits.
Fix regressions with love 0.10.x
Move quit to the cmd table.
Improve editor.delete function.
Don't enforce read-only during mode activation.
Add editor.define-key for one-offs after definition.
More flexible colorizer.
Upgrade version of fennel to pre-0.3.0.
Switch order of arguments in completion.for.

Makes partial application a lot nicer.
Support setting props when opening a buffer.
Add editor.clear function.
Add echo-prop command for debugging mostly.
Speed up tetris.
Oops; remove redundant instructions.
Update to Fennel 0.2.1.