Add keyboardio-dvorak.scm layout.
Fix reset function.
Skip over non-existent rows when moving in gui.
Support loading and saving in GUI layout editor.
Instructions. Ask for filename to save to.
Several keycode outputs work.
Emitting microscheme layouts (of all A) from gui works!
Make the gui use mutable data structures.

Making changes to nested vectors inside structs in Racket is really nasty
without lenses.
Add images to readme.
Fix bug in fn layer of qwerty layout.
PCB down settings have to be moved up to before layout definition.
Turn the layout/driver inside out.

The layout is now the entry point file rather than
menelaus.scm. Layout files load keycodes, define layouts, and then
load the firmware driver bits in menelaus.scm at the very end.
Add preliminary GUI configurator.

So far you can set keys for a single layer. Emitting scheme files,
changing layers, and many other things are missing.

It uses immutable structs and immutable vectors, which Racket does not
support very well; might need to change it into a mutable, imperative program.
Add EVEN MORE comments.

The code:comment ratio in menelaus.scm is now 1:1.
Add a ton of comments.
Fix a bug with releasing key zero not always working.
Now member is part of microscheme.
Add license; clarify reset problems.
Haha oops; no negative numbers in microscheme.