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@@ 4,6 4,8 @@ A firmware for the
[Atreus](http://atreus.technomancy.us) keyboard, written in

![Atreus keyboard](atreus.jpg)

See [this article about how it works](https://atreus.technomancy.us/firmware).

## Features

@@ 51,16 53,22 @@ used to flash a new firmware once this is uploaded.

## Layout


By default you get the qwerty layout. You can copy `qwerty.scm` to
`mylayout.scm` and make changes, (you can see a list of available
keycodes in `keycodes.scm`) then upload with:

    $ make upload USB=/dev/ttyACM0 LAYOUT=multidvorak
    $ make upload USB=/dev/ttyACM0 LAYOUT=mylayout

There is also a `multidvorak` layout which is designed to send
the right keycodes with the assumption that the OS is set to use
Dvorak, but it also includes layers for "hard Dvorak".

The default layout is based on the Keyboardio Atreus, except that for
older 42-key builds, the percent key is replaced with backtick, and
backslash is fn+semicolon.

## Development

The firmware can also be run on a PC rather than on the

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