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#Steps to release a new Fennel version

This document is intended for Fennel maintainers.


  1. Make sure tests pass for all versions of Lua using make ci.
  2. Update and date the changelog.
  3. Update version number in src/fennel.fnl.
  4. Check for changes which need to be mentioned in help text or man page.
  5. Create rockspec by copying an old rockspec. Make sure luarocks version matches the file name exactly and the tarball URL is updated.
  6. Update the download links in setup.md.
  7. Commit above changes.
  8. Run git tag -s $VERSION -m $VERSION.


  1. Run git push && git push --tags.
  2. Run make release VERSION=$VERSION.
  3. Update the submodule in the fennel-lang.org repository.

Announce it on the mailing list. Fennel is now released!


  1. Bump the version in src/fennel.fnl to the next version with a "-dev" suffix.
  2. Add a stub for the next version to changelog.md