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A few more notes in the from-clojure guide.
Add some notes on dynamic scope, and reference Cljlib

I've thought that it may be worth including Cljlib in the guide, as it
allows almost direct porting of Clojure code into Fennel with some
small alternations in function and macro names, thus can make the
transition easier.

I've also included some notes on dynamic scoping, and how somewhat
similar facilities can be obtained via tables.

Lastly, I believe, Markdown uses full "clojure" instead of "clj", as
it tend to use full language names for syntax highlighting to work.
Further improvements to the "from clojure" guide.
Fix macro example in from-clojure guide.
Flesh out the rest of the from-clojure guide.
Add draft of "Learning Fennel from Clojure" guide.