Save off source from functions into metadata.
Update test to be compatible with more lua versions.
1fe29664 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 2 months ago
Update documents for `accumulate` macro
5ad47050 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 2 months ago
Revert "Rename `accumulate` to `accum`"

This reverts commit 4efbe10bb8b465a57d1e6439fa144bb0fbdd81e3.
fd04d078 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 2 months ago
Add more tests for the accumulation macro
e79b7e08 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 2 months ago
Rename `accumulate` to `accum`
4f100050 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 2 months ago
Add accumulation macro and its test
Mark top-level functions in fennel.syntax.
Move luarocks explanation to the wiki
Top-level global tables were getting omitted from fennel.syntax.
Allow macros to load sandboxed Lua modules.
A little extra about ... being weird and not a first-class value.
Explain that ... works outside functions too.
Update contributing guide.
Catch parse errors in ,complete repl command.
Disable readline when TERM=dumb.

If a terminal claims to be dumb then it means that it can't understand
the escape codes that readline will emit.
Mention breaking macro-path change in changelog.
Force IIFE in and/or operator definitions to trigger short-circuiting.

Actual arithmetic operators don't want IIFE, but and/or aren't
actually arithmetic operators; they're just shoehorned in there for
convenience. But since they need short-circuiting we can't allow
nval=1 in that case.
Arithmetic specials can never take multivals.
Add _auto suffix to autogensyms.