Tidy up some minor mistakes.
Improve printing of multiple values in the repl.

Previously nils would never get printed and would prevent successive
values from getting printed.
Make match treat any sym starting with _ as a wildcard.
Accept a base name for gensym in compiler env.
Clarify the behavior of _ in match.
Remove last remaining set-forcibly call.
Avoid weird error during invalid destructuring form.

Fixes the issue in https://todo.sr.ht/~technomancy/fennel/15.
Lambda shouldn't check for non-nil on _ arguments.
doc: fix erroneous reference.md `include` entry
Factor out pattern matching of values/tables into separate functions.
Add a test for the comment special form.

Also fix the multi-value bug in it.
Use table.insert consistently for table insertions.

Using tset was harder to tell what was going on.
Even better fix for parser bug.
Fix parser bug.
Merge branch 'repl-commands' into main
Merge branch 'parse-stream-tweak' into main
Update reference.
As much as you might not like it, goto *IS* a reserved keyword.
Fix some quirks of antifennel.

No need to specify the step of a for loop is 1!