More detailed error message when trying to call a literal value.
Fix a bug in fennelbinary; don't try to use private symbols.
Merge pull request #305 from bakpakin/ci-test-lua5.4

add Lua 5.4 tests to CI
make ci run tests against lua5.4
Clean up escapepat redundancy in searchModule

As mentioned in
Improve error message in fennelbinary.
Search using path from fennel module, not utils submodule.

Fixes #304.
Fix a fennelfriend recommendation's format string.
Move walkTree to inside utils module.
Add missing compiler export.
Improve suggestion for aliasing local.
Document searchModule.
Merge pull request #297 from bakpakin/pseudo-modules

Pseudo modules
Merge pull request #302 from mnacamura/rockspec-fix

Fix dev rockspec
unset linguist-detectable for .fnl

This should correct the repoted language statistics on github.
218cc343 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 1 year, 2 months ago
Add default LUA_VERSION for standalone build
949e8bcc — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 1 year, 2 months ago
Fix dev rockspec
Merge pull request #301 from xordspar0/patch-1

Fix trivial typo