Release version 0.4.1.
Merge pull request #281 from bakpakin/fennelstatic

Add --compile-binary command to make standalone binaries
Merge pull request #291 from bakpakin/searcher-package-config

Searcher package config
escape filenames with %q in doQuote
move package.config processing out of searchModule

Runtime changes to package.config do not appear to change how
package.searchpath behaves, so this doesn't need to be recalculated
every time.
add package.config defaults to searchModule
make searchModule respect package.config

For cross-platform compat, package.config contains info about what to
use as a dir separator, a delimiter in the package.path list, what to
use as a placeholder, etc. This change uses the first three values in
package.path in searchModule, which should allow "\" in fennel.path to
work on Windows.
Move fennelbinary loader code from string to macro.

Hijack macrodebug to return expansion as string when given second arg.
Add fennelbinary module for compiling to binaries.

Add a makefile target to use it on itself.
Merge pull request #289 from bakpakin/for-each-scope

Use subscopes in for/each.
Use subscopes in for/each.

Fixes #288.
mark luanit as vendored
add .gitattributes

* mark fennelview.lua and fennelfriend.lua as generated
* set github syntax higlighting to display *.fnl as clojure
Merge pull request #283 from bakpakin/include-bypass-meta

Emit raw Lua function for package.preload of Fennel modules in include.
Merge pull request #287 from bakpakin/fix-sequence

Encode sequences in a way that's compatible with storing source data.
Fix bitwise ops documentation.
Encode sequences in a way that's compatible with storing source data.

Using SEQUENCE_MT as the same metatable for every single sequence ever
makes it so that you can't store file/line data on them. Instead we
set the metatable to a new table that includes SEQUENCE_MARKER.

Also adds the sequence constructor function to compiler scope.
Move shebang-removal into stringStream instead of dofile.
Merge pull request #285 from bakpakin/unquote-nil

Fix nil inside quoted lists when macroexpanding