Don't use fennel.friend unless the io table exists.
0d2935bf — Andrew DeFilippo 8 days ago
Initial fix and test case
Refactor shared parsing in repl commands.
Allow :until clauses to be literals.
Fix apropos tests for other Lua versions.
add ,apropos ,apropos-doc and ,apropos-show-docs repl commands

This patch adds three new commands: ,apropos ,apropos-doc and
,apropos-show-docs.  All commands accept a Lua pattern as an input.

,apropos will print all function names matching this pattern,
e.g. ,apropos table%. will list all functions from the table module

,aprops-doc works similarly, but instead of searching for the pattern
in function name, it searches the pattern in all documentations
available. E.g. ,apropos-doc "arity check" will list lambda and λ

,apropos-show-docs works similarly to ,apropos but displays all docs
matching a pattern in the function name.
Improve reference and api to mention fennel.view etc.
Deprecate pick-args macro.
Support repl completions on methods in tables.
better sparse table printing in fennel.view

Tables that now have missing numeric keys that are smaller than the
max-sparse-gap option will be printed as sequential tables with nils
in place of missing keys
eb8124f8 — Mike Richards 23 days ago
Evaluate args to partial only once.

Simple literal values (strings, numbers, booleans, and nil) can be
inlined into the function expansion. Everything else (e.g. tables,
symbols, function calls) is bound once in a let form.
Add path arguments consistently when compiling binaries.
Update test to be compatible with more lua versions.
1fe29664 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 23 days ago
Update documents for `accumulate` macro
5ad47050 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 23 days ago
Revert "Rename `accumulate` to `accum`"

This reverts commit 4efbe10bb8b465a57d1e6439fa144bb0fbdd81e3.
fd04d078 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 25 days ago
Add more tests for the accumulation macro
e79b7e08 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 25 days ago
Rename `accumulate` to `accum`
4f100050 — Mitsuhiro Nakamura 26 days ago
Add accumulation macro and its test
Mark top-level functions in fennel.syntax.
Move luarocks explanation to the wiki