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If you already use a package manager on your system, you may be
able to use it to install Fennel. See [the
wiki](https://github.com/bakpakin/Fennel/wiki/Packaging) for a list of
systems which offer Fennel.

[LuaRocks](https://luarocks.org/) is one such package manager that is
specific to packages written in Lua; it can be used to install Fennel.

 1. Ensure the `~/.luarocks/bin` directory is added to your shell's `$PATH`.
 2. Run one of the following commands:
      - `luarocks --local install fennel` to install locally (recommended)
      - `luarocks install fennel` to install system-wide (requires root or admin)
 3. Run `fennel --help` to confirm the installation succeeded.

**Note:** When using `luarocks` with `--local`, you'll need to ensure
you have a `$PATH` which contains the LuaRocks `bin/` directory. You can add
`eval $(luarocks path --bin)` to your shell's init file to do this. See the
[LuaRocks path docs](https://github.com/luarocks/luarocks/wiki/path)
for more information.

packaging systems which offer Fennel.

## Embedding Fennel