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10dd8905 — Jesse Wertheim 4 months ago
Replace link to freenode with libera.chat
Hopefully update web repl fennel version.
Add from-clojure guide.
Point to www.minetest.net

A current link on the homepage points to https://minetest.net, which has misconfigured SSL, effectively breaking the link.

It appears that www.minetest.net works properly, so this PR updates the link to point there.

Separately this should probably be brought to the minetest folks’ attention.
Copyright year bump.
Add logo to front page.
Add link to See Fennel from the home page.
Remove broken contributors link until we can get it fixed.
Update sourcehut link to project URL

Instead of repository URL.
Moving repositories for Fennel itself.
Pull in latest setup changes.
Update setup guide; link there instead of git install instructions.
Link to matrix room.
The setup guide is not in all tags.
Update to 0.4.0-dev; compile one-file fennel script.
Make FennelConf 2020 the default page.
10f792ad — Christoph Frick 2 years ago
Add REPL for tag docs

- make the links to the docs like directories, so relative links work
- generate the files used in the REPL for the tag dirs