ref: 10dd8905af0f1c2d8af67b530805215304b1d112 fennel-lang.org/.gitignore -rw-r--r-- 258 bytes
Remove separate fennelfriend module; it's part of the compiler now.
Wire fennelview and fennelfriend into the web repl.
Link to matrix room.
46eef42f — Christoph Frick 2 years ago
Also ignore patch version directories
Merge pull request #15 from christoph-frick/enhance-multi-tag-build

Fix generation of multi tag docs
d0767a70 — Christoph Frick 2 years ago
Fix generation of multi tag docs

- Generate the versions at top level (no longer pollute the submodule), which
  also makes the pandoc pattern work.
- For now only generate the index for the root; most likely we want a
  different one or at least parameterize it
Include changelog back again, but on stable branch.
Revert accidental upgrade to Fennel master.

This reverts commit 3aabd3a6dade3753f24c6a5926e4fda7a6ae5f75.

Fixes #14
Include changelog in uploaded HTML.
2020, why not.
Render documentation from primary repo on web site.
Handle signups locally.
Add signup form's CGI script.
Add fennelconf 2018 page.
Upgrade fengari to 0.1.1.
Let's start things out, shall we?