Use syntax highlighter derived from fennel.syntax table.
Update fennel.css

matches the color of code in samples to the keyword header
add a link to Home
10dd8905 — Jesse Wertheim 4 months ago
Replace link to freenode with libera.chat
Hopefully update web repl fennel version.
Update to Fennel 0.9.2
Add from-clojure guide.
Sod off, Google.
Update to Fennel 0.9.1
Update to Fennel 0.9.0
Point to www.minetest.net

A current link on the homepage points to https://minetest.net, which has misconfigured SSL, effectively breaking the link.

It appears that www.minetest.net works properly, so this PR updates the link to point there.

Separately this should probably be brought to the minetest folks’ attention.
Copyright year bump.
Update antifennel to latest version.
Update to 0.8.1
Add background color

If someone's web browser is set to a different color scheme, we
end up overriding the text color but *not* the background color,
leading to a potentially ugly mess. We could add a media-query
based system in the future, but this will avoid harsh results for
Add target for fennelview.lua
Update to Fennel 0.8.0.
A couple clarifications.
Link to videos for 2020 conf.
2020 talk titles.